deposit / bond

A deposit of Euro 150,- will be charged. This also acts as a bond if damage occurs to the camp site and to ensure correct separation of rubbish..

lodging fees

EUR 4,50 per person per day. Smaller parts of the group arriving ahead or staying behind will be charged at the full group rate.

The minimum charge is 50 Euro a day for a group.


0,50 EUR / 1 kWh


a 33 kg bottle costs us Euro 65,- — Your usage will be estimated at the end.


Recyclable rubbish must be separated. Non-recyclable and non-separated rubbish will incur a cost of Euro 6,- per sack.


the filling of water basin: 5,- EUR/m³ used water

parking fees:

2 vehicles are free, each additional vehicle costs Euro 1,- per day. (We want to save the environment)


The written permission for collecting firewood will be obtained for you free of charge. Timber is free as well, as long as it is in reasonable amounts.

Homburg-Jägersburg, Mai 2019