Campsite rules

The youth campsite “Herrgottshuebel Jaegersburg” is not far from the town Homburg-Jaegersburg (in direction Hoechen). The youth campsite is located in a natural preserve. The campsite is popular by youth groups because of his beautiful sites.

Therewith many groups can hold their undertakings also in future on the campsite, all guests should pay attention to the following points.

  1. The lodging of the campsites is only for generally accepted youth groups and youth associations (per example scouts). The groups needs, depending on the number of participants, a sufficient number of adult group leaders.
  2. The participants of the camps have to show consideration to the other guests and residents in Jägersburg. So that no one get any avoidable disadvantages. Especially to keep the peace at night on the campsite from 24.00 and don´t disturb the others with loud noise from 22.00. The use of an amplifier and speakers are forbidden.
  3. Night time “flying squads” or something near it are not allowed. Offences are a trespass against the owner of the campsite.
  4. Trees and bushes deforest on the campsite are forbidden. Partitions of the neighboring forest is in private property; There is also the cutting of trees forbidden. Attention! Risk of prosecution! It is possible to get firewood in the public forest . To get timber is in consultation with the groundskeeper or the forest office feasible.
  5. Please use the campsite in a way, that later youth groups also can enjoy the campsite. The excavation of water ditches around the tents are not allowed. The campsite has a water permeable sandy soil and dries really fast.
  6. Motor vehicles are not allowed on the campsite. Therefore we have a parking site in front of the campsite. Material transportation on the campsite is done by handcart or wheel barrow. Bicycling on the campsite is forbidden.
  7. To set up additional fireplaces is not allowed. To set up “elevated fire (cook) places” is in consultation with the groundskeeper feasible.
  8. The wash and toilets facility is to clean daily by the youth groups. The cleaning takes place in rotation with the other groups. To wash the dishes in the wash basin is not allowed. Therefore you have additional basins in the kitchen. Please pay attention to common hygiene formalities.
  9. Please take care of the kitchen facility. To spring-clean the kitchen at the and is a duty.
  10. To collect refuse at the end of your camp on your campsite goes without saying. The following groups thanks you!
  11. Any vandalism or damage on the campsite facilities sticks to the causer or the responsible group leader.
  12. If a group or the participants of a group don´t keep the rules, then the owner of the youth camp will reserve the right to seek redress resp. immediate sent off from the campsite of the whole group. In case of the sent off, anyhow the group have to pay the complete charge of the booking!
  13. with the definitely booking the group generally accepted the rules . At too late unsubscription the demand of payback of the prepayment is lost. If it is not possible to find a replacement group, due to in a short term unsubscription, the owner of the youth camp reserve the right to claim the half of the allocation fee for the group.


Homburg-Jaegersburg, November 2011