Leaflet about waste and recycling disposal

According to the introduction of the dual system, the following guidelines are necessary. The arising waste and recycling must be separated by the following regulations of the “Komunalen-Abfallbeseitigungsverbandes (KABV):

  1. Recyclables belong in the yellow bag. What belongs to it is depicted on the yellow bags. For each improperly sorted recycling bag we have to charge a garbage fee of 7, – EUR, as this must be disposed of for a fee via the KABV Saar with the normal household waste.
  2. Food scraps and organic waste shall be composted. For this purpose, a compost heap is set up at each campsite.
  3. Any bulky waste (such as camping chairs, tent remains, refrigerators, etc.) must be taken home by the groups.
  4. Each residual garbage bag costs 7, – EUR.
  5. Containers for glass and paper are available at the Schloßweiher car park. The groups are obliged to sort the resulting quantity there themselves.

Containers for glass and paper at the Schloßweiher car park.

Homburg, May 2019